I have learned so many new and different things about the topic ‘bullying’ in the past month. Our teacher took us to see the film BULLY and seeing the movie really changed my perspective on bullying and friendships. My perspective on friendships changed because i know that having a friend is knowing that that person will always be there for you. They have your back and they know that you have theirs. You can trust this person and they wont tell anyone your secrets. People can also make the wrong friend choice. This means that you cant trust this person and they won’t have your back. They will turn on you and wont respect you. Having a friend is not just having sleepovers and hanging out. It means trusting them with your life and knowing that they can trust you. What I have learned about bullying is that it can come in so many different forms. It never stops and people need to realize what the world has come to. People are supposed to treat others with respect. My thinking about bullying has changed because before i did not know that bullying could get so bad that someone has to commit suicide for people to realize whats actually going on. In the movie ‘BULLY’, Tyler Long commits suicide because the bullying would not stop. This is just my proof to show that we need to do something. Teachers nowadays seem to just shrug it off and say that we will work it out. But we don’t always work it out. Teachers need to step in. And so do those bystanders that are watching from the side. Any time you ever see bullying occurring please tell someone. Stand up. Don’t be afraid.  Just think of it this way, if you were being bullied and you saw people just standing there watching you, would you want someone to step in? Don’t be a bystander. Its just as bad as being the bully. Take a stand. With more people we can put a stop to bullying. STAND UP.

Blogging Challenge#4

Blogging Challenge#4

I absolutly love this picture. I dont know why but i love the way the droplets are going everywhere. I swim 5 times a week with my amazing friends and coaches. We all help each other and push ourselves past our limits. This picture reminds of when you first push off the block and your soaring through the air just getting ready to land in the water. Then you splash and the race begins. Swimming is my life, i love it so much and i dont know what i would do without it.

Water for Life (_DSC5996)
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Blogging Challenge#3

Blogging Challenge 3

I have just finished washing my clothes and found one sock that is now full of holes. I can’t use it as a sock, but list 10 other ways I could use the sock.

1. Use it as a glove with no fingers.

2. Slingshot. 🙂 Easy to maneuver with lots of holes.

3. Sock bun,  make a donut with the sock and roll it into your hair to create a perfect hair bun.

4. Hanger. With lots of holes it will be easy to hang stuff off of it.

5. Cat toy. Dangle the sock in front of your cat and watch it go crazy trying to get the toy.

6. Drink cozy. Slip onto a mug or cup to keep your hands from getting too hot.

7. Make a hand puppet! Glue eyes on the end and decorate it to create a funny sock puppet.

8. You can use it to tie up a gate.

9. You can use it to make a dog pull toy.

10. You could also make it into a sweatband.

Blogging Challenge#2

Blogging Challenge#2

In the average year there is between 2-5 million people that die from drug use. Many of these people know it’s bad for them and still continue. I think drugs are horrible and no one should use them. It ruins families, careers, and your health. What’s the point?

People know that when they start taking drugs they will not be able to stop. But after taking them, the need to have the drugs is so strong they don’t care about their body image and hygiene.

There are many different negative effects that drugs have on people’s body. Some of the negative effects include Liver and Kidney failure. This can kill you extremely fast.  Heart attacks. Using certain drugs can give you a more likely chance of having a heart attack right when you begin. Lung damage. You can get lung damage from certain drugs. This may cause lung failure which will cause death.  Drugs kill brain cells as well.

You don’t care how you look. All you want is the drug. And you will do anything to get them. People start to hallucinate and loose teeth depending on the drug. You lose control of yourself and can’t make choices because the drug does for you.

When you do drugs it ruins your life. People go crazy and start to hear “voices” inside their head. You won’t be able to get a good job because no one wants a person doing drugs work for them.

People lose jobs and friends because of what drugs do to them. They won’t get a good job because none of them would have a good enough degree. People go broke without a job, and with no money you will have no food, and without food, people die. If you do drugs people will look and treat you differently. Most of them will be able to tell that you are on drugs because of your smell and the way you look. If people know you are on drugs they will keep their children away from you. So if you want a good job, make the right decision.

Drugs are just not worth it. They tear family’s apart and put people’s lives in danger.

Drugs cost money and if you take them and get addicted, you will want them more and more and finally, you will waste all of your money. It’s terrible for you and rips friendships apart. So why would you do all that? It just doesn’t make sense if you disagree.

People know that when they do drugs its bad for them. They continue anyway. Why? They know what it will do and cause. They do it because they think it won’t affect them. But it always will. The people start and then can’t stop. So what’s the point? There is absolutely nothing good about drugs.

As an argument to all this, people might say: “I think that it’s alright for me to do drugs because my friends are on them and they love it.” This is not right! Think about you and not what your friends will think of you. Don’t do them just because your friends are doing them! They’re extremely bad for you and it will ruin your whole life. It may seem like a good idea at the time but you will regret the outcomes. People die from them! Would you really risk all that for just a little pill?

Overall I think drugs are terrible and no one should use them. They are bad for you, will tear your family apart, your friendships will be gone, no more careers, and your whole life will be different. It’s a waste of money and time. So what will you do? It’s your choice.

Blogging Challenge #1

Challenge 1

1. Michael Phelps: When did you realise that you wanted to swim competitively?

2. Elvis Presley: How much hairspray did you have to use to keep your hair up?

3. Marilyn Monroe: Did you always want to be a singer?

4. Michael Jackson: How did you  learn to do the moonwalk?

5. Will McGuinness: What made you come up with the dance, ‘the boobie jiggle’?

6. Albert Einstein: What was going through your mind when you came up with the theory of relativity?

7. Jennifer Lawrence: What was your favourite part in filming the Hunger Games?

 8. Usain Bolt: What kind of training did you do in Jamaica to prepare for the Olympics?

9. Mark Zuckerberg: What made you come up with the name ‘Facebook’?

10. Bill Gates: Before you were very rich did you know that you would have lots of money in the future?


A lot of questions are asked in this world. But one that you dont hear a lot is, why do people read? Many people have different reasons to read. Some are that they do it for pleasure. Others do it for knowledge. Many do it for power. And power is knowledge. A whole lot of famous singers or actress’ or actors have to be good at reading. Considering actors have to memorize their lines and songwriters and singers need to rhym the song, they all have to be good at reading. The people associated with the government need to be good at reading. They sign many contracts and have to read every word very carefully or they might mess up. So even though you may think famous people dont have time to read, they do it all the time. Probably just as much as non famous people. Or more. Either way people read for many different reasons. Power, pleasure, communitcation, for fun, education and others have their own reasons. What do you read for?

Why Do We Dream?

Today in class we watched a video called ‘Why We Dream’. A man by the name of Michael told us about how we dream and why we dream. He told us what makes us dream and what we can do to control our dreams. He told us some really fascinating facts like:

– In 1952 scientists actually started doing research on dreaming and found that many people dream. That is basically when it started.

– 95% of people don’t remember their dreams.

– Many people cannot lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is when you have control of what goes on in the dream. You make conscious decisions in a strange situation.

– He tells us how when we dream crazy stuff like flying or skydiving or having the guts to do something we never would do, we are actually remembering the stuff that we have done in our real life and just replaying the memories. If it’s being on an airplane then you probably just thought about flying and that’s why  you would have dreamt of flying.

– When people are in the middle of a dream their eyes start moving and they act out what they are dreaming while they are sleeping. So if you are running from a saber tooth tiger, your legs are going to be moving.

– The scientifically term for dreaming is Oneirology.

He told us many more facts. And you can check them all out at:  http://youtu.be/7GGzc3x9WJU

A Visit From Mary Spencer

 Today during French class we had our teacher bring in a guest speaker. MARY SPENCER! Mary Spencer is a professional boxer and I look up to her because I am a boxer. Recently I moved and I had to drop out of boxing because of the drive back and forth. I still really want to continue on with boxing, so if you know any boxing arenas please comment. Mary Spencer has won 128 boxing matches and lost only 10! She is so amazing. I dont know what I want to be when I am older but if i do do boxing then she will be my idol. I dont think that anyone in my class was expecting Mary Spencer to come and talk to us. Mary told us about how if we have a dream then we need to go for it. Different people asked questions in the class and she answered them all.  She told us about her fights and how she had to sacrifice different things for her love of boxing. She will be my idol for a long time and i will look up to her.

Swimming!!! (Channel Cats!!!)

Im in a swimming club, called the Channel Cats, that represents Orillia at different swim meets around Ontario. In the Channel Cats there are 5 different levels that you can be put into: Jr Novice, Senior Novice, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Jr Novice is the lowest level you can be in, and Gold is the highest you can be in. Swimming is so much fun and I love going to competitions. Me and my friend Nicole go to the same swim class. Nicole and myself are the same speeds but we are always racing to see who will win. 🙂  Some days we have to raise money for equipment or for going to other swim meets so we fundraise different stuff in front of stores. This is called tag days. Futhermore I have a lot of fun going to swimming and if you would like to join up you can go to the YMCA in Orillia and talk to the front desk.