Blogging Challenge#2

Blogging Challenge#2

In the average year there is between 2-5 million people that die from drug use. Many of these people know it’s bad for them and still continue. I think drugs are horrible and no one should use them. It ruins families, careers, and your health. What’s the point?

People know that when they start taking drugs they will not be able to stop. But after taking them, the need to have the drugs is so strong they don’t care about their body image and hygiene.

There are many different negative effects that drugs have on people’s body. Some of the negative effects include Liver and Kidney failure. This can kill you extremely fast.  Heart attacks. Using certain drugs can give you a more likely chance of having a heart attack right when you begin. Lung damage. You can get lung damage from certain drugs. This may cause lung failure which will cause death.  Drugs kill brain cells as well.

You don’t care how you look. All you want is the drug. And you will do anything to get them. People start to hallucinate and loose teeth depending on the drug. You lose control of yourself and can’t make choices because the drug does for you.

When you do drugs it ruins your life. People go crazy and start to hear “voices” inside their head. You won’t be able to get a good job because no one wants a person doing drugs work for them.

People lose jobs and friends because of what drugs do to them. They won’t get a good job because none of them would have a good enough degree. People go broke without a job, and with no money you will have no food, and without food, people die. If you do drugs people will look and treat you differently. Most of them will be able to tell that you are on drugs because of your smell and the way you look. If people know you are on drugs they will keep their children away from you. So if you want a good job, make the right decision.

Drugs are just not worth it. They tear family’s apart and put people’s lives in danger.

Drugs cost money and if you take them and get addicted, you will want them more and more and finally, you will waste all of your money. It’s terrible for you and rips friendships apart. So why would you do all that? It just doesn’t make sense if you disagree.

People know that when they do drugs its bad for them. They continue anyway. Why? They know what it will do and cause. They do it because they think it won’t affect them. But it always will. The people start and then can’t stop. So what’s the point? There is absolutely nothing good about drugs.

As an argument to all this, people might say: “I think that it’s alright for me to do drugs because my friends are on them and they love it.” This is not right! Think about you and not what your friends will think of you. Don’t do them just because your friends are doing them! They’re extremely bad for you and it will ruin your whole life. It may seem like a good idea at the time but you will regret the outcomes. People die from them! Would you really risk all that for just a little pill?

Overall I think drugs are terrible and no one should use them. They are bad for you, will tear your family apart, your friendships will be gone, no more careers, and your whole life will be different. It’s a waste of money and time. So what will you do? It’s your choice.

3 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge#2

  1. I agree with you. Drugs are not good neither for family nor for the person using them. Nice post. Visit my blog

  2. I agree with you very strongly. I like the strong words that you used. Another reason people do drugs is because they might find it cool. What are the main drugs that people get addicted to?

  3. Yes your argument is very good. I agree with you because many people and their families suffer from the drug addict abusing them and assaulting them because they don’t know what to do.

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