Blogging Challenge#4

Blogging Challenge#4

I absolutly love this picture. I dont know why but i love the way the droplets are going everywhere. I swim 5 times a week with my amazing friends and coaches. We all help each other and push ourselves past our limits. This picture reminds of when you first push off the block and your soaring through the air just getting ready to land in the water. Then you splash and the race begins. Swimming is my life, i love it so much and i dont know what i would do without it.

Water for Life (_DSC5996)
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Fadzly Mubin via Compfight



2 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge#4

  1. Dear Meghan,
    I liked this picture a lot too. I don’t swim, but I love the water. Although, I like this picture I am curious about what is being thrown in the water. I enjoyed reading what you wrote and I hope you stay this passionate about swimming forever.

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